Pavilion Overview

Call 546-2047 or email to check availability and for reservations.



Friday Evening thru Sunday & Holidays

Fee Per Day


Resident of  the Village of Plain*






*Residents booking for Non-Resident usage will be charged the Non-Resident fee.




Weekday Usage

Fee Per Day


Monday-Thursday, all day, and; Friday until 3:00p.m.






Nonprofit Organizations



Three Day Event





You will be subject to additional charges if the pavilion/kitchen/park grounds are not in the same condition after the event as it was before the event, as determined by the Department of Public Works. You will have access to garbage bags. It is expected that the garbage receptacles are emptied and the bags replaced and taken to the dumpster on the premise.
You may begin set-up at 8:00 a.m. on the day of your event. Everyone must be out of the park by midnight. If you need to finish clean-up, you may enter the park the following morning at daylight, but you must be finished by 8:00 a.m. the following morning. You must be granted permission for early set-up or late clean-up. This decision will solely be based upon other events scheduled at the pavilion.
The user fee is to be paid in the Village office no later than thirty days in advance of the scheduled event. Any clean-up fees or damage charges, declared by the Public Works inspection after the event, will be billed to the applicant, if necessary.
WEATHER EMERGENCY: The women’s restroom in the pavilion is designated as a weather shelter for individuals using the park or pool. The shelter is not designed for personal protection against damaging winds or other severe storms activity. You and others are at your own risk in severe weather conditions and advised to take immediate action to move to a more secure location if possible.
You may not drive on the sidewalk. If the gate to access the kitchen is unlocked, this constitutes authorization by Public Works to drive on the turf to access the kitchen. If you damage the turf, you will be billed for the repair.

Plain Community Park

925 Parkview Avenue

Plain, WI  53577


One block north of Hwy B, and two blocks east of Hwy 23.