Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations

  1. Pool staff and administration are not responsible for stolen items.  Please lock valuables in baskets.  Please do not bring valuables to the pool!
  2. Season passes numbers must be given at the desk and verified or the daily fee must be paid.  No one under the age of 6 is allowed to enter the pool without an adult accompanying them in the water (except the wading pool).
  3. Full showers are required before entering the pool.
  4. No running, pushing, splashing, dunking, drinking or other horseplay allowed.
  5. No smoking.
  6. No food or gum is permitted in the pool area, except in designated areas.
  7. No sitting or pulling on the buoyed lines or lane markers.
  8. No backward dives or flips from the side of the pool.  No entering the water facing backwards.
  9. Swimmers with open sores or contagious diseases will not be allowed to swim.  Swimmers having diarrhea within the last two weeks should not swim.  (cryptosporidium - State guidelines)
 10. Flotation devices are allowed only if pre-approved by the Head Guard and during float activities.
 11. Swimmers supervising young children should not go over chest deep water.
 12. Patrons should not engage in unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards, as their major responsibility is the surveillance of swimmers.
 13. No playing on the ladders.  They are only to be used for entering or exiting the water.
 14. No patron should be allowed on deck when lifeguards are not present.
 15. Children 6 and older must use the appropriate male/female locker room.
 16. Only authorized personnel should be allowed in the filter room or guard areas.  Children should not be in the office area.
 17. The pool phone is for emergency use only.
 18. No one should be in the lifeguard chairs except the lifeguards. 
 19. Children using water wings or life jackets must be accompanied by an adult or other responsible caretaker when in the water.
 20. All swimmers must be able to swim a length of the pool, before they can enter the deep end or diving well.
 21. Slide rules:
  You must be at least 48" tall.   One person on the slide at a time.
  All children 6 years and younger must have an adult at the bottom of the slide ready to assist the child in the water and must stay within arms reach at all times.   Enter slide in either the sitting position feet first, or lying on your back with arms and feet inside the flume.
  Form a line on the pool deck, not on the stairway; wait for lifeguard instructions.   Exit splash zone immediately.
 22. Any other behavior that is felt unsafe or inappropriate will be prohibited.
23. Revocation of pool privileges may be a consequence for misbehavior on Village property (including, but not limited to the pool, golf course, parks, library, etc). Revocation of pool privileges is at the discretion of the Pool Manager and/or the Pool Committee Chair.
**These rules are designed to protect the safety of each and every swimmer.  Please consult a lifeguard if you are unsure of the rules.