Garbage and recyclables pick-up every Tuesday. If Monday or Tuesday is a holiday, pick-up will be on Wednesday. Garbage is defined as solid waste. Garbage does not include the following: Yard waste, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, animal waste, brush, branches, tree stumps, wood ash, sand, gravel, dirt, toxic and hazardous waste, large appliances, sheet metal, iron or those items described as recyclable as defined in Ordinance 9.18. Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and securely tied.


Brush & wood, and appliances & electronics is picked up by Public Works every first and third Tuesday of the month.


Compost Site is located north of the Village, north of Kraemer Avenue for lawn clippings, weeds, and garden waste. Hauling is your responsibility and is open all the time.


Lead/Acid batteries, tires, acids, anti-freeze, petroleum products, fluorescent light bulbs and paint products are hazardous materials. These materials can be disposed of annually at the Sauk County Clean Sweep.


Yard Waste Removal: Brush, leaves, branches, workable size logs (not to exceed three (3) inches in diameter and/or five (5) feet in length) and clean, unpainted wood are picked up on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Lawn debris deposit on public streets is prohibited. Lawn clippings, weeds and garden plants may be taken to the compost site in the industrial park.  Open burning of grass, brush or trash within the Village limits is prohibited.