Minutes: July 11, 2012

Village of Plain

Village Board Proceedings of July 11, 2012

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Plain was held at the Municipal Building on July 11, 2012. The meeting was called to order by President Ring at 7:30 p.m.

Roll Call: Raymond Ring, President; Stephanie Box; John Dischler; Raymond Ellenbolt; Walter Gerber; and Kevin Kraemer, Trustees. Trustee James Liegel was absent.

Others present: Officer Chuck Schreiber; Shawn Murphy, Green TTEC Director; Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director; Carolyn Forde, Library Director; Merry Lynn Riek, Library Board President; and, Phil Studnicka.

Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Village of Plain: the Municipal Building; the Plain Post Office; and The Peoples Community Bank on Friday, July 6, 2012. Notice was emailed to the Home News and the Baraboo News Republic on the same date.

Dischler motioned to approve minutes from the June 13, 2012Regular Board meeting. Box seconded. Motion carried.


Public Comment

Phil Studnicka presented a proposal to the Village Board to install two sand volleyball courts at Plain Community Park where grass volleyball courts were formally located. Studnicka said he received pledges for a portion of the equipment and materials necessary but wanted to gain permission of the Board to proceed. Ruhland indicated that the Recreation program has volleyball for children but not adults. The only concern expressed was the potential for the courts to flood in the spring. Ring commented that the Board could not take formal action but supported the proposal and suggested coordinating with the Parks Committee and Nick Ruhland. There are no funds remaining in the current Parks Budget to assist with this.


Police Department Report

Officer Schreiber said they are staffing for the 3-Day Celebration; received a report of person(s) sneaking into the pool at night and garbage dumping at the golf course. They will increase night patrols.


Public Works Department Report

Nick Ruhland had no report.


Green TTEC Director Report

Shawn Murphy reported on the following:

Recreation Trail

Edward Kraemer & Sons has generously donated materials for the bridge component of the project. Westbrook is finishing design plans and hydraulic impacts for submission to the DNR for permit approvals. Survey work of the existing floodplain was completed. Using bridge design data, Westbrook was able to computer model the potential impact of flooding with the bridge installation. The impact is minimal and will affect one property owner (besides the Village) who has been apprised.

Fund raising in the form of sale of personalized bricks for installation in the walkway to the picnic shelter has begun. Funds from brick sales will be used to install additional amenities in the picnic shelter such as electric outlets and lights. Ordering forms are available at the Village Hall and Green TTEC building.

Construction is anticipated in mid to late August with completion in September.

EDA Grant Amendment and Closeout

Now that construction is completed and final bills tallied, the process of closing out the EDA grant for Honey Creek Business Park and Green TTEC has begun. Total project costs through June 30, 2012 are $4,663,864.77; the original budget was $4,810,000. With the project costs running under budget, a request has been submitted to amend the grant reallocating $112,535.78 of unexpended grant funds to cover debt issuance costs, staff costs through the end of 2012 and legal fees associated with the project. If the amendment is approved, the total project costs would be $4,718,406.89. EDA eligible reimbursement would total $2,056,430.91. Including the Wisconsin CDBG funding received of $1,010,000 the project final village share of the project cost would be $1,651,975.98. These are un-audited figures. Through 6/30/2012 the Village has received $1,800,867 of reimbursements from EDA.

MATC to Fund High Speed Internet at Green TTEC

Through the actions of John Alt, MATC has agreed to fund the entire cost of connecting Green TTEC to high speed internet with Charter Communications. The estimated installation cost is $39,000. Currently, Green TTEC has internet capacity of up to 6 MB through Frontier. The Charter connection will provide speeds up to 100 MB which allows video conferencing, interactive programming and other services. MATC will be able to remote telecast classes from other sites to Green TTEC. Installation is anticipated later this summer.


Committee Reports

Building Committee & Fire District – Dischler

No Building Committee report. Fire District has issued a burning ban for the Village of Plain until further notice. The fireworks for the 3-Day Celebration are on hold due to the dry conditions. The Fire Chief in conjunction with the 3-Day Celebration Committee will make a final determination prior to the Celebration.


Green TTEC, Parks, SCDC & Cable TV – Ellenbolt

Ellenbolt reported that SCDC will tour the Kraemer Brother Shop Facility prior to convening at Green TTEC on July 16th. There are no reports for Green TTEC, Parks and Cable TV.


Library, Police & RV Court – Gerber introduced Merry Lynn Riek, newly appointed Library Board President, who reported significant heaving in the pavement of both the alley west of the Library and along CTH B next to the parking stalls that makes car travel increasingly difficult. Trustee Kraemer responded that this was brought to his attention and the Streets Committee will be considering these locations at their meeting on July 18th. The heaving is caused by storm sewer pipes that rise and fall with the freeze/thaw cycle. Gerber also noted that several patrons reported that delivery trucks periodically block the alley when making deliveries to the Shell station. Schroeder reported that he occasionally has observed this however it is short in duration and there is nowhere else to park. It was suggested to mention this situation to store owner.  Ruhland will look into painting yellow markings.

Gerber reported there is no Police or RV Court reports.


Streets & Utilities– Kraemer

Water Pumpage for June, 2012:

Well No. 1:   875,000

Well No. 2:   2,718,000

Total for June: 3,593,000 gallons, which was 854,000 gallons more than last year.

Two bacteria were sent to the State Lab. Both samples tested safe.

 Monthly fluoride average: 1.36 p.p.m.  Monthly chlorine average: 0.29 p.p.m.

Wastewater Report for June, 2012:

Influent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    203 mg/l

Effluent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    9.1       Limit: 15 mg/l

Influent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      236 mg/l

Effluent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      13.2     Limit: 20 mg/l

Monthly Average Nitrogen Ammonia: .380 p.p.m.   

Limit:     20.0 mg/l Monthly, 29.0 mg/l Daily

Total gallons treated: 1,976,200

Streets Committee will meet July 18th. No Utilities report.

Finance & Ordinance – Liegel

Finance Committee – no report.

Ring noted that he had been approached by a business owner inquiring about the change in statute allowing off-sale of beer starting at 6am. Current ordinance only allows sale starting at 8am.  Ring indicated this would be referred to Ordinance Committee.


Pool & Golf – Box

Box reported that Ruhland confirmed that dredging of Honey Creek in the golf course can occur using the existing permit. They will arrange to complete this during the summer. While walk-up revenues are down dramatically. It appears the reciprocal arrangement with other golf courses have resulted in increases in new membership


Development/Planning & Plain’s 100 Year – Ring

Ring reported on the Development & Planning Commission meeting of June 25th in which the Honey Creek Deed Restrictions & Protective Covenants were revisited. While no consensus was achieved on specific changes, it was decided to have Gene Dalhoff of SCDC review and Ring will suggest some minor revisions to bring back to the Commission. The Meise Construction issue was postponed.

Ring reported that the 100 year Commemoration trivia contest participants are being scored (35 entries received). Received recognitions from the Governor, Wisconsin Senate and Assembly and Channel 15 may do a report. Ring encouraged Board members to attend the 10:00am ceremony at the Post Office on July 29, 2012.

Facilities Task Force will meet on August 1.



Ring shared a thank you note from St. Luke’s on assistance received during the Parish Festival.

Ring also summarized the response he received from the Village Attorney on his inquiry regarding abstaining from voting, open meetings and open records. It is expected that Trustees vote however in instances where they cannot for specified reasons they must disclose the reason for not voting and recuse themselves from discussion and voting. Any meetings of more than three Trustees in which Village business is discussed outside of Board meetings, it is considered a violation of Open Meetings Law. Email, texts, etc to more than three Trustees regarding Village business can also be considered a violation.


Review and Audit of Invoices:

Kraemer motioned to pay Check #18597 payable to Strand Associates, Inc. in the amount of $727.38 from the Sewer Replacement Fund. Ellenbolt seconded. Motion carried.

A motion to pay the monthly invoices was made by Ellenbolt. Kraemer seconded. Motion carried.


General Fund 



Capital Improvements



Library Fund      



Water Utility



Green TTEC



Sewer Department



TIF #2



Golf Course



Wage Reimbursements:



 Ellenbolt motioned to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. Gerber seconded. Motion carried.

Sheila Tafs
In conjunction with Shawn Murphy