Minutes: June 13, 2007

Village of Plain

Village Board Proceedings of June 13, 2007




The Regular Monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Plain was held at the Municipal Building on June 13, 2007.  The following members were present: Raymond Ellenbolt, President; David Buchanan; Kevin Kraemer; James Liegel; Duane Meise; and, Robert Neuheisel, Trustees. Trustee Gary Leeck was absent.


Others present: Karna Hanna of Sauk County Development Corporation, Jim Mann and Terri Scott of Ehlers & Associates, Janeen Anderson, Dave Giffey of the Home News; Tom Meyer, Chief of Police; and, Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director.


Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Village of Plain: the Municipal Building; the Plain Post Office; and, The Peoples Community Bank on Monday, June 11, 2007.  Notice was faxed to the Home News and the Baraboo News Republic on the same date. 


The meeting was called to order by President Ellenbolt at 7:30 p.m.


Buchanan requested an addition to the minutes of the May 9, 2007 Regular meeting.  Water aerobics and special events needed to be added to the list of Special Events Coordinator duties that the Pool Committee wanted more focus on. 


With the change, Liegel motioned to approve the minutes of the May 9, 2007 Regular meeting. Neuheisel seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously. Next, Buchanan motioned to approve the minutes of the May 16, 2007 Special Village Board meeting.  Kraemer seconded the motion, and then carried unanimously.  Finally, Meise motioned to approve the minutes of the May 16, 2007 Board of Review. Liegel seconded the motion, and then carried unanimously. 


James Mann of Ehlers & Associates was present to inform the board of the results of the sale of bonds earlier in the day.  The sale brought in five bids with low bidder being 4.347%.  Banker’s Bank joined by The Peoples Community Bank was the lowest bidder.  Mann reviewed the details of Resolution #2007-08. Buchanan motioned to approve Resolution #2007-08, Authorizing the Sale of Not to Exceed $585,000 General Obligation Community Development Bonds.  The motion was seconded by Meise. President Ellenbolt asked for a roll call vote, with the following result: Liegel – yes; Meise – yes; Neuheisel – yes; Kraemer – yes; Buchanan – yes; and, Ellenbolt – yes. The motion carried.  The Village Clerk and the Village President then signed the Bid Form.


Janeen Anderson addressed the board regarding a family pool pass incorporating her day care children.  She is a former resident of Spring Green and a current resident of the Town of Franklin.  In Spring Green she was able to include her day care kids on her pool membership and asked if Plain would do the same.  Pool Committee Chair, Dave Buchanan, stated that the Village does not want to start a precedent and advised Anderson that she would need to buy a Non-resident Family pass for her family and another equivalent pass for her day care. Buchanan will contact the other Pool Committee members to confirm that they are in agreement.


Karna Hanna presented the Sauk County Development Corporation 2006 Annual Report.  She reported that the unemployment rate was 4.5% in 2006, the same as 2005.  Businesses in Sauk County have added 600 more jobs in 2006.  In the Sauk County economy spending is down due to high fuel costs and a soft real estate market.  The county sales tax revenue is down as well.  Hanna also stated the when the Village completes the economic development section of the Comprehensive Plan, she would be happy to review it.  Lastly, Hanna recognized Bill Gruber’s service on the Sauk County Development Corporation board for the past 10 years and welcomed Ray Ellenbolt as the new Village of Plain representative.



Public Works Department Report


Nick Ruhland obtained quotes for patch work in the Village and the WasteWater Treatment Plant parking lot.  There are large areas on streets that are in need of patch work and it would be best to have a contractor do the work.  Bids from Wilson Creek Excavating & Asphalt Paving and Scott Construction were reviewed by the board.  The bids were $16,032.50 and $21,455.60, respectively.  Meise motioned to accept the low bid from Wilson Creek Excavating & Asphalt Paving.  This was seconded by Kraemer, and carried unanimously. 


Quotes for a compressor for the WasteWater Treatment Plant were presented to the board next. A bid from US Filter for the unit only was $3,150.00.  Prairie Plumbing’s quote included the unit, parts and labor in the amount of $4,295.00.  This would be paid for from the Sewer Replacement Fund.  Since Prairie Plumbing’s bid included everything, the board felt this was the better way to go.  Liegel motioned to approve the bid from Prairie Plumbing.  Neuheisel seconded and carried unanimously. 


The water and sewer lines for Terry Feiner’s condos have been dug in.  Ron Nolan’s sewer lateral was hit.  Ruhland asked Foster Plumbing to repair it and also add 2 clean outs in his 100 foot stretch.  It turned out to be a costly project, 60 tons of screenings and 126 tons of base course was used when digging in the water.


The Oak Street project is now complete.  Ruhland asked the board where to run white lines for cross walks since there is a handicap ramp by Wachter Avenue.  There is essentially no where to go with the lines.  The board agreed that no lines should be painted at this time.  This will be part of a future project. 


There have been no major problems at the pool.



Police Department Report


Chief Meyer presented the Case Report for May.  Speeding tickets are up, but the Village is not a participant in the county’s grant proposal.



Committee Reports



Water & Sewer  - Liegel


Water Pumpage for May:


Well No. 1:      340,000

            Well No. 2:   2,554,000


Total for May: 2,894,000 gallons, which was 832,500 gallons more than last year.


Two bacteria samples were sent to the State Lab.  Both samples tested safe.


            Monthly fluoride average: 1.168 p.p.m.


Wastewater Report for May:


            Influent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    232 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    10        Limit: 15 mg/l


            Influent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      222 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      9          Limit: 20 mg/l


Monthly Average Nitrogen Ammonia:  .1367 mg/l   

Limit: 20.0 mg/l Monthly

            29.0 mg/l  Daily


            Total gallons treated: 1,337,200



Liegel distributed copies of a preliminary employee policy handbook and updates to the Village benefits program.  All board members are to examine the contents and prepare for a discussion at the July board meeting.



Police & Golf Course – Meise


The Police Committee met earlier in the evening.  A confidential police department schedule will be submitted to the Village Clerk in advance.  The department has lost two officers recently and is looking at a prospective candidate.


An Engineer at Edward Kraemer & Sons recommended jetting concrete into the voids of the faulty bridges on the golf course to help with the erosion problem.  The contractor will take care of the problem.  A comment was made on the recent mowing of the creek banks.  An improvement has been made, but Public Works is checking into other options for mowing the banks. 



Parks – Neuheisel


At the last Parks Committee meeting concerns were discussed regarding the Village revamping the parking lot at the park and Parkview Avenue while improving drainage with the project.  The Parks Committee feels that the entire park and pool recreational area needs to be examined in advance of starting a project because there may be more renovation needed in the area sooner versus later.  The tennis courts and the pool are showing signs of deterioration.  It would be in the best interest of the Village to have a Master Plan of the entire area and determine the best strategy to enhance the area.  The Committees involved need to design this plan collectively.



Finance & Ordinance – Kraemer


The Ordinance Committee will be meeting soon to address the curb and gutter issue.  Kraemer is researching machines designed for curb cuts.



The Finance Committee will meet in early August to reassess all budgets.  An evaluation for employees for review of wages will also be discussed.



Streets & Library Liaison – Leeck


No reports.



Building & Swimming Pool – Buchanan


There have been a few building permits in the past month.


The Pool is hosting a Luau that Jean is in charge of.  The new diving board has arrived, but still needs to be installed.  It is too big of a job for Public Works to do on their own.



Other Business


There have been some inquiries regarding undeveloped lots.  The lots are priced extremely low which entices potential buyers.  These certain lots were originally considered unbuildable and were never developed.  The Village needs to communicate with the seller to find out what their intentions are. 


President Ellenbolt asked for approval for Westbrook Engineering to stake the section lines on Main Street.  The objective is to find out if the retaining wall is in the right of way.  There may be grants available to restore the wall if it is.  Kraemer motioned to approve staking the section lines on Main Street.  This was seconded by Meise, and carried unanimously.


Liegel motioned to adopt Resolution #2007-07, concerning the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report.  This was seconded by Buchanan, and carried unanimously.


Kraemer motioned to approve Resolution #2007-09, a final resolution to exercise special assessment powers under Wisconsin Statute 66.073 for the removal and replacement of curb and gutter and installation of initial sidewalk on the Oak Street and Reservoir Avenue.  This was seconded by Neuheisel and carried unanimously.


A motion to grant approval for operator’s licenses was then made by Liegel and seconded by Buchanan.  The motion carried unanimously.  All licenses are for the period July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.







Joy A


Jane E




Della M


Diane E


Genevieve L


David L


Linda M


Jody A


Linda K


Judith L


Rosemary E




Charlene M


Michelle L


Lori A


Sherri A




Donna M








Marlene R








Nichole M










Rosalia L




Stephen J


Margaret L




Cheryl J




Kristin M


Tammy K


Fred G






Neuheisel motioned to approve the contract with Consumers Co-op Oil Company for propane delivery for the period July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008.  This was seconded by Meise, and the motion carried unanimously.


Kraemer motioned to approve a temporary Class B Retailer’s License, the temporary operator’s licenses, a fireworks display permit and the extended hours permit for the Fire Department and E.M.S. Three-Day Celebration. This was seconded by Liegel, and then carried unanimously.


Kraemer then motioned to adopt a records request fee schedule.  This was seconded by Liegel, and then carried unanimously.


Meise motioned to appoint William Gruber to the Plain Fire Protection District board for a three-year term, beginning July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2010.   This was seconded by Kraemer, and then carried unanimously.





The pre-construction meeting with A-1 Excavating is set for June 21, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.



Review and Audit of Invoices:


Liegel motioned to pay Voucher #9270 payable to Nachreiner Plumbing, Heating & Air in the amount of $212.58 from the Sewer Parts Replacement Fund.  This was seconded by Buchanan, and then carried unanimously.


A motion to pay the monthly invoices as presented was made by Liegel.  Meise seconded, and then the motion carried unanimously.


General Fund 


Water Utility


Library Fund      


Sewer Department


T.I.F. #2


Golf Course


Capital Improvement


Wage Reimbursements:



Kraemer motioned to adjourn at 9:30 p.m.  This was seconded by Buchanan, and then the motion carried unanimously.




Sheila Tafs