Minutes: September 10, 2008

Village of Plain

Village Board Proceedings of September 10, 2008



The Regular Monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Plain was held at the Municipal Building on September 10, 2008.  The following members were present: Raymond Ellenbolt, President; David Buchanan; Kevin Kraemer; James Liegel; Duane Meise; Robert Neuheisel; and, Merry Lynn Riek, Trustees.


Others present: Erik Henningsgard of General Engineering; Steve Biggers; Gary Ilminen of the Home News; and, Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director.


Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Village of Plain: the Municipal Building; the Plain Post Office; and, The Peoples Community Bank on Monday, September 8, 2008.  Notice was emailed to the Home News and the Baraboo News Republic on the same date.


The meeting was called to order by President Ellenbolt at 7:30 p.m.


Buchanan motioned to approve the minutes of the August 13, 2008 Regular Board Meeting. Meise seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.


Erik Henningsgard of General Engineering addressed the board regarding a proposal for amending the TIF District. Henningsgard calculated preliminary construction costs without doing a detailed construction design. With that estimate being relatively high, it would be best to wait to do the street and utility construction simultaneously with the potential business construction. The street and utility lay out can be conformed to the businesses needs. Ehlers & Associates need to be asked specific questions in order to determine how much can be done right now. The TIF Amendment needs to be done by the end of the year.


Henningsgard informed the board that A1 Excavating has completed the items on their punch list. L.W. Allen still has work to do on the lift station.


Steve Biggers was present to discuss letters received from the Building Committee addressing an ordinance violation by not completing the driveway at his mother’s home in the time permitted. Both deadlines given to Biggers by the Building Committee have been disregarded. Biggers declared that his financial situation does allow him to complete the driveway at this time. The Building Committee will meet to decide what can be done.



Public Works Department Report


Nick Ruhland informed the board that approval is needed to bypass the bidding process to replace sewer utilities under Cedar Street east of Wachter Avenue since it is an emergency situation. Liegel motioned to bypass the bidding process due to emergency. This was seconded by Riek and carried unanimously.


There is still a situation with the handicap ramp on the corner of Main Street and Liegel Avenue by Sam’s Place. The ramp allows water to run onto the sidewalk and then enter that business. The only solution may be to take it out completely. Ruhland was directed to verify the legality of removing the ramp. If there are no legal concerns, eliminate it.



Committee Reports


Water & Sewer  - Liegel


Water Pumpage for August:


Well No. 1:        0

            Well No. 2:   3,913,000


Total for August: 3,913,000 gallons, which was 1,436,000 gallons more than last year.


One well sample and two bacteria samples were sent to the State Lab.  All samples tested safe.


            Monthly fluoride average: 1.28 p.p.m.


Wastewater Report for August:


            Influent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    101 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    6          Limit: 15 mg/l


            Influent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      391  mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      13        Limit: 20 mg/l


Monthly Average Nitrogen Ammonia:  .0773 mg/l   

Limit: 20.0 mg/l Monthly

            29.0 mg/l  Daily


            Total gallons treated: 4,594,700



The Utilities Committees will be meeting on September 17, 2008.



Police & Golf Course – Meise


Bridge #8 is almost ready to be crossed. It is still in need of railings. President Ellenbolt will be ordering the boards for the railing.  


No Police Committee report.



Parks & Streets– Neuheisel


The Parks Committee will be meeting with Angela Straka to review the Rec Program and determine if it could be improved. Nick Ruhland will be restoring the infield of the baseball diamond yet this year. Cody Pulvermacher acknowledged that the co-ed softball league would like to come back next year. The Bridge Road drainage issue will be worked on soon.


A paint sprayer with accessories may cost about $2,000. We are still waiting on another bid.  This machine would pay for itself within a few years. The weather stripping on the overhead doors at the Village shop is deteriorating and need to be replaced. Bruce Company recommended Red Maple or Red Oak for trees to plant in the terrace.



Finance – Kraemer


The Finance Committee met on Wednesday, September 3, 2008.  The overall budget was reviewed and appears to be in trouble. The snow costs were excessive and because of flooding there was lack of revenue in some areas. The budget for the remainder of the year should be cost-conscious. On September 24th Committee Chairs will present their budgets to the Finance Committee. Committees are directed to stay within their budget from last year. Increases will be limited to 2% and need to be justified if increased. Evaluations will need to be completed with employees.



Ordinance & Library Liaison – Riek


The Library received their insurance check. FEMA may cover what insurance did not cover. There is still a little bit of work that needs to be done in the Community Room. The Library board is concerned about the 2010 nonresident usage income because it will correspond to the circulation from this year. Circulation is down because of being closed during the sewer back-up damage renovation.



Building & Swimming Pool – Buchanan


The Pool Committee met to look at the budget and employee evaluations. Plans for next year were discussed. Restructuring would like to be done, but still needs to be decided.  Repair work needs to be done to take care of some leaks.


Beaver Glass and George Alt came to look at the Municipal Building window. The window was installed backwards. Re-caulking would not help the leak problem. They suggested not to use a power washer to clean them. Estimates were not submitted.



Other Business


Riek read the first reading of Ordinance Number 159-08, an Ordinance correcting the parking language at the Municipal Building.


FEMA will help with the cost of the dredging project. Strand’s engineering estimate was cheaper than Westbrook. Liegel motioned for to hire Strand Engineering to engineer the dredging project. This was seconded by Riek and carried unanimously.


Buchanan motioned to approve Resolution 2008-06, with revised amount of $45,210.00, requesting exemption from the Sauk County library tax levy. This was seconded by Liegel, and then carried unanimously.


Trustee Buchanan presented a Crisis Management Plan to the board. The plan includes equipment needs, contact information that needs to be readily available, and plan ahead for shelters. A mutual aid between Villages should be set up. The water reservoir needs to have more security.


Trustee Buchanan presented a phasing financial plan for the Park Master Plan. Financing should be generated from grants, pledge drives, fund raising and municipal financing. A referendum could be voted on to become aware of how the residents feel. The Park and Pool Committees will meet to develop a strategy to move forward.


Aces would like to install drain tile on Village property that is above their pin setters. A tree also needs to be cut done. There are buried lines for the Veterans Memorial in that area.





The Open House for the Comprehensive Plan will be Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. The Village Board will approve that plan on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.


The residence at 1055 Wachter Avenue has been abandoned and is not being mowed. The ordinance will be reviewed to see what can be done.



Review and Audit of Invoices:


Liegel motioned to pay Voucher #10430 payable to First Supply, LLC in the amount of $133.64 and Voucher #10441 payable to L.W. Allen, Inc. in the amount of $379.09 from the Sewer Parts Replacement Fund.  This was seconded by Kraemer, and then carried unanimously.


A motion to pay the monthly invoices as presented was made by Kraemer. Meise seconded, and then the motion carried unanimously.


General Fund 


Water Utility


Library Fund      


Sewer Department


Golf Course


Wage Reimbursements:



Meise motioned to adjourn at 9:41 p.m.  This was seconded by Neuheisel, and then the motion carried unanimously.






Sheila Tafs