Minutes: CAUCUS January 16, 2008

Village of Plain

Village Caucus

January 16, 2008


Village President Raymond Ellenbolt called the Caucus to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Municipal Building on January 16, 2008.  The purpose of this caucus was to place in nomination the names of individuals for three Village Trustee positions, to be placed on the ballot at the Spring Election.  This election will be held on Tuesday, April 1, 2008.


Ten citizens were present.                  


Notice of this caucus was posted in the following locations in the Village of Plain:  Municipal Building; Plain Post Office; and, Community Bank.  A legal notice was also placed in the January 9, 2008 edition of the Home News newspaper. 


James Liegel motioned to appoint President Ellenbolt to serve as chairman of the Caucus.  This was seconded by David Buchanan, and then carried unanimously.  Chairman Ellenbolt appointed Nick Ruhland and William Gruber as tellers.


James Liegel motioned to have written balloting for all positions. William Gruber seconded. The motion carried.


Results of First Nomination Ballot for 3 Village Trustees           


Jim Liegel

Dave Buchanan

Ray Ring

Duane Ruhland

Merry Lynn Riek

Linda Paulus

Mary Jo Warnke

Phil Studnicka

Tammy Diehl

Dan Lins 

As a result of the first ballot, five names were placed in nomination as having received a majority of votes.  Those names were: Jim Liegel; Dave Buchanan; Duane Ruhland; Merry Lynn Riek; and, Phil Studnicka.


James Liegel motioned to destroy the ballots cast during the first round of voting. This was seconded by David Buchanan, and then carried unanimously. 


A second round of balloting to select one additional name for the ballot was then held among the remaining five nominees: Ray Ring; Linda Paulus; Mary Jo Warnke; Tammy Diehl and, Dan Lins.


Linda Paulus received the majority of votes in the second round of balloting.  Tammy Diehl was named as an alternate.


William Gruber motioned to destroy the ballots.  This motion was seconded by Robert Neuheisel.   The motion carried.


Names were drawn for placement on the ballot at the Spring Election in the following order: Merry Lynn Riek; James Liegel; Linda Paulus; Philip Studnicka; David Buchanan; and, Duane Ruhland.


James Liegel motioned to adjourn at 7:19 p.m.  This was seconded by Kevin Kraemer, and the motion carried.




Sheila Tafs