Minutes: November 9, 2011

Village of Plain

Village Board Proceedings of November 9, 2011 

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of theVillageofPlainwas held at theMunicipalBuildingonNovember 9, 2011. The meeting was called to order by President Ring at7:30 p.m

Roll Call: Raymond Ring, President; Stephanie Box; Raymond Ellenbolt; Walter Gerber; Kevin Kraemer; and, John Schluter, Trustees. Trustee Cole Brunson was absent.

Others present: Duane Meise; Dawn Williams; Carolyn Forde, Library Director; Officer Chuck Schreiber; Shawn Murphy, Green TTEC Director; and, Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director.

Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Villageof Plain: the MunicipalBuilding; the Plain Post Office; and, The Peoples Community Bank on Monday, November 7, 2011. Notice was emailed to the Home News and the Baraboo News Republic on the same date.

Kraemer motioned to approve minutes from theOctober 12, 2011Regular Board meeting. Ellenbolt seconded. Motion carried.



Duane Meise addressed the board regarding remodeling the Palace. Meise explained plans for remodeling which includes a deck off the west side of the property which is currently owned by the Village. The land is currently part of a 99 year lease for the pin setters underneath the property. Ring proposed selling that property to Meise and dissolving the lease. Ellenbolt believes it is important for the Village board to do whatever would be needed to help out with the project. The board would be cooperative to selling this property. The Palace is a tradition of Plain.

Meise also addressed his vacant lot in 1300 block of Oak Street. He questioned if he could park licensed vehicles there. Officer Schreiber suggested that any business vehicles would in all probability be inappropriate. Meise feels that since he can’t use the lot he should not have to pay taxes. The board’s general feeling is that it is assessed appropriately.


Police Department Report

Officer Chuck Schreiber informed the board that the speed board has been placed on the north side of town. Two new snow tires have been ordered for the squad car. The alternator had to be replaced.


Green TTEC Director Report

Shawn Murphy, Green TTEC Director, informed the Village Board that the LEED Commissioning process is almost complete. We are eligible to attain Gold certification. The intention was to achieve Silver. Punchlist items should be completed by next week. Almost all lien waivers have been received. Process to solicit and award bids for the following equipment: data/phone cable install, phone system, IT network system, lobby TV message board system, computer desks and building access system will be completed by end of next week.

The first Alliant Energy bill was received for mid-September through mid-October, 2011. Green TTEC used 3520 KWH but generated 920 KWH, about 26% for $113.51 credit. Frontier is scheduled to install internet and telephone services by November 17th. Green TTEC will host the next Sauk County Intergovernmental Committee meeting on November 10th at 6:00 pm.

A Sauk City business contacted Murphy looking to expand their operations and wanted to consider leasing space at Green TTEC. The Green TTEC Board and MATC provided a proposal which the company has responded to favorably. The firm is desirous of renting the entire incubator area for a call center operation in which they would hire up to 24 employees from the area. Negotiations are being finalized and it is hopeful to provide a lease agreement for consideration at the next Board meeting.

The Green TTEC Board voted to recommend a listing agreement with Driftless Area, LLC to market vacant lots.

Last year on behalf of the Village, Murphy submitted a request to the Wisconsin DOT to consider lowering the speed limit on STH 23 from the north Village Limits, at Honey Creek Business Park, from 55 mph to 35-40 mph as the entrances to both the HCBP and Kraemer Ave will be expected to experience increasing traffic. The DOT completed their evaluation of this area along with the speed zones at the south end of the Village on STH 23 and concluded that no changes in the currently posted speed limits are warranted. Specifically, the DOT observed that between 70-80% of traffic is at or below the posted speed limits and the crash rate history for this stretch of STH 23 was below statewide average.

Murphy gave a TIF Presentation to the board. The taxing jurisdictions create a TIF District. Those jurisdictions receive the same tax revenue as when the district was created. Increased value, which is additional development, from that point is kept by the municipality for the life of the TIF. When it reaches a point where loans are paid or statutory time limits are met, the TIF will be closed out. The expenditure period is 21 years. The timeframe is 27 years to pay debts. The TIF is separate budget. A TIF can have a negative cash flow in the beginning. If the TIF is not going to meet debt obligations, it can be declared distressed to extend the expiration date. Plain’s TIF #2 was created in 2006 and amended in 2009 to include the west side of Highway 23. The Village’s cost projection for HCBP and Green TTEC is $1.037 million. Using very conservative numbers, Murphy presented a worst case scenario of no development during the life of the TIF. This would end with a negative balance of $2,538,409. We would need development assessed at approximately $5,750,000 for the TIF to cash flow. The TIF could be closed out early if the development is greater than $6,000,000.


Public Works Department Report

Public Works Director, Nick Ruhland, reported to the board that he was informed that the phosphorus permit will be reissued in 18-24 months. The Village will then have two years to meet the average of the recent monitoring tests. Then will need to meet with DNR to review options to be able to meet lower standards. A consultant may be needed at that point. We will have up to nine years to meet those requirements.


Committee Reports

Finance & Green TTEC – Schluter

The Finance Committee has had several meetings for the budget. Committees did such a good job and the budget has been balanced. The Village has raised taxes, but overall taxes should remain the same due to the school district reducing their budget. The process went pretty good.

The Green TTEC Board has an interested company for the incubator space. It is nice to have someone interested this early in the life of the building. Some of the Green TTEC Board members visited the company’s headquarters in Sauk City. Murphy has been working with them and we will see where MATC can help them.

The Green TTEC Board met with three realtors. It is felt that Driftless Area would meet the Village’s needs the best. They are also an engineering firm to help answer buyer’s questions. A one year contract with a fee of 6% was generated. Plus they can draw up a site plan for $65 per hour if needed. Schluter motion to accept Driftless Area’s proposal as outlined in the contract presented. Ellenbolt seconded. Motion carried.


Park, SCDC & Cable TV – Ellenbolt

No Parks Committee report. 

Ellenbolt found out that cable costs can be lowered if there is a promotion. Charter’s customer information is confidential. Anyone can call and complain to try to get a better price. Nobody is paying the same amount.


Library, Police & RV Court Commission – Gerber

The Library Director, Carolyn Forde, presented her background to the board. The Library Board appointed Katie Erb as President and Merry Lynn Riek as vice president. 

No Police Committee or RV Court Report.


Streets & Utilities– Kraemer

Water Pumpage for October:

Well No. 1:   557,000

            Well No. 2:   1,878,000

 Total for October: 2,435,000 gallons, which was 179,000 gallons more than last year.

Two bacteria samples were sent to the State Lab. Both samples tested safe.

            Monthly fluoride average: 1.02 p.p.m.  Monthly chlorine average: .16 p.p.m.

Wastewater Report for October:

            Influent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    213 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    6          Limit: 15 mg/l

            Influent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      183 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      6          Limit: 20 mg/l                       

Monthly Average Nitrogen Ammonia: .0981 p.p.m. 

Limit: 20.0 mg/l Monthly

                        29.0 mg/l Daily

            Total gallons treated: 2,400,600

The Utilities Committee met tonight regarding the Williams’ concerns with their sewer lateral. Prairie Plumbing & Heating submitted a low bid to install a new sewer lateral which excludes patchwork. Kraemer stated that a precedent was set in the past with similar but yet different situations. The committee feels paying 50% of the project would be appropriate. Kraemer believes there is money in the budget. Nick Ruhland needs to clarify details of the bid with Prairie Plumbing & Heating. The situation is bad and it needs to be done right away. The board is willing to create a special assessment for the Williams in order to pay over a period of time. Kraemer motioned for the Village to pay 50% of the project which includes Prairie Plumbing & Heating’s proposal and pavement restoration as well as setting up the Williams to be able to pay the Village back over a period of time. Ellenbolt seconded. Motioned carried

No Streets Committee report


Building & Ordinance – Brunson 

No Building Committee report.

Kraemer read the first readings of the following ordinances in Brunson’s absence.

  • Ordinance 173-11; to increase sewer rates by three percent.
  • Ordinance 174-11; change Municipal Judge term to four years.
  • Ordinance 175-11; charging a sign permit fee.


Pool & Golf – Box

No Pool or Golf Course Committee reports.


Development & Planning – Ring

No Development & Planning Commission report.


Other Business

Kraemer motioned to approve the audit contract for 2011 audit with Johnson Block & Company.  Gerber seconded. Motion carried. Box wondered why we have not asked for RFPs from other auditing firms. Their price is reasonable and there are local people that work there.

Ellenbolt motioned to place the following special assessments and special charges on the 2011 tax roll. Schluter seconded. Motion carried.

    1. Parcel # 171-0096-00000 curb/gutter in the amount of $114.09
    2. Parcel # 171-0168-00000 curb/gutter in the amount of $234.27
    3. Parcel # 171-0164-00000 curb/gutter in the amount of $519.50        
    4. Parcel # 171-0092-00000 curb/gutter in the amount of $78.00          
    5. Parcel #171-0072-00000 water and sewer balance of $421.26
    6. Parcel #171-0072-00000 private work balance of $55.72
    7. Parcel #171-0014-00000 lawn mowing in the amount of $160.38
    8. Parcel #171-0033-00000 lawn mowing in the amount of $26.52

Murphy reviewed the details of Change Order #4 for Ideal Builders. Schluter motioned to approve Change Order #4, a deduction of ($4,160.58) for Ideal Builders. Gerber seconded. Motion carried. 

Pay Request #7 for Ideal Builders, Inc. was discussed. Kraemer brought up concerns of reducing it too much. The retainage of $14,365.06 is minimal. The Architect has approved the pay request. Schluter motioned to approve Pay Request #7 in the amount of $60,000.00 for Ideal Builders, Inc. Gerber seconded. Motion carried. 

Murphy addressed the board regarding granting topsoil to Ridgetop LLC for work performed. Ridgetop did restoration for the washout repair south of Kraemer Avenue. He would like his $244 invoice paid in topsoil, approximately four loads or 60-64 cubic yard. This would amount to about $4.25/cu.yd. Ellenbolt motioned to pay Ridgetop in topsoil for this project. Gerber seconded. Motion carried.

The Randy Liegel property also needs topsoil for placement of a berm to help with water runoff from the Village property to the Liegel property. 



The Town of Franklin is rezoning property owned by Richard and JoAnne Vogt, approximately 37 acres. There are five acres with the house that is separate.


Review and Audit of Invoices:

A motion to pay the monthly invoices as presented was made by Ellenbolt. Kraemer seconded. Motion carried. 


General Fund 



Capital Improvements



Library Fund      



Water Utility



Green TTEC



Sewer Department



TIF #2



Golf Course








Wage Reimbursements:





Schluter motioned to adjourn to closed session per Wis. Statute 19.85(1)(c) Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercise responsibility at9:20 p.m.Box  seconded. Roll call vote: Ring – Yes; Box – Yes; Ellenbolt – Yes; Gerber – Yes; Kraemer – Yes; Schluter - Yes. Motion carried.


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