Minutes: August 12, 2009

Village of Plain

Village Board Proceedings of August 12, 2009



The Regular Monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Plain was held at the Municipal Building on August 12, 2009. The meeting was called to order by President Ellenbolt at 7:30 p.m.


Roll Call: Raymond Ellenbolt, President; Robert Jewell; James Liegel; Duane Meise; Robert Neuheisel; and, Merry Lynn Riek, Trustees. Trustee David Buchanan arrived at 8:15 p.m.


Others present: Gary Weiss; Dr. Michael Knoll; Richard Vogt; Gary Ilminen of the Home News; Officer Marty Prem; and, Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director.


Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Village of Plain: the Municipal Building; the Plain Post Office; and, The Peoples Community Bank on Monday, August 10, 2009.  Notice was emailed to the Home News and the Baraboo News Republic on the same date.


Meise motioned to approve the July 8, 2009 Regular board meeting. This was seconded by Riek and carried unanimously.


Neuheisel motioned to move line item number 8. “Discussion and possible action regarding concerns of the River Valley Veterinary Clinic regarding annexing to the Village” up to the next line item for discussion. Meise seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. The board discussed the July 7, 2009 letter from River Valley Veterinary Clinic. President Ellenbolt would like to honor the three requests from the vet clinic. Those requests are ensuring that personnel at River Valley Veterinary Clinic S.C. are able to provide care for animals on site as well as the transport, treatment, and housing of animals, their existing well will be allowed in the future, and reimbursement of their investment into the sewer line less $2.50 per foot of frontage.


Dr. Knoll stated that the vets do not want an interruption in business. Jewell stated that something could be added to the Ordinances if there is nothing in the Ordinance to protect them.


A well permit is needed. If the vets were to hook up to water in the future, they can not go back to a well after that. Village private wells need to be tested annually. As regards to reimbursement of the vet’s investment into the sewer line, the vets are not aware of any other payments to them for hook-ups. Trustee Liegel believes that Dr. Knoll’s calculations of this reimbursement are accurate. The vets intend to petition for annexation with these three factors being agreeable to the Village. Dr. Knoll stated that annexing is not their first choice, but they look at it as losing their sewer system if they do not annex.

The other four non-resident sewer customers have a little time to come forward otherwise disconnection from the utility lines is set for December 11, 2009. Attorney Mark Steichen said we can annex just the vet clinic and disconnect the other four if they do not annex. The vet clinic land is contingent to the Cenex land across Dead End Road.


Liegel motioned to consent to the three items requested by the vets in exchange for annexation. Meise seconded the motion and carried unanimously.


Neuheisel motioned to move line item number 11. “Discussion and possible action regarding entering the Refund Interception Program on behalf of the Plain EMS” up to the next line item for discussion. Jewell seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


The EMS has started using a billing service. The billing service requested that the EMS sign up for the Refund Interception Program. The program has to be done through the Village. The Village has to sign up and the EMS will utilize the service without further involvement from the Village. The Village owns the assigned tax number. It will intercept any stimulus funds or tax refunds. Liegel motioned to enter into the Refund Interception Program. Jewell seconded the motion and it carried with Riek abstaining.



Police Department Report


Officer Marty Prem presented a report from the Spring Green Police Department. Since the last meeting there have been 12 calls for service and 30 traffic stops. The department has been averaging 38 hours per week.


The existing Preliminary Breath Test device is not reliable. The Plain Police Department is in need to purchase a new one. Officer Prem obtained estimates on two different brands from three different suppliers. The Alco-Sensor FST is recommended due to the fact that mouthpieces would not be wasted if the presence of alcohol is questionable. Intoximeters, Inc. has the lowest price on this model. Meise motioned to approve the purchase for the Preliminary Breath Test device from Intoximeters, Inc for $485.00. This was seconded by Liegel and carried unanimously.


The Police Department has observed possible safety issues in regards to parking on the west end of Oak Street by the St. Luke’s ball diamond. There are “No Parking” signs on each side of the street by Reservoir Avenue. The department proposes making the area strictly one side parking on the north side. More signs would be needed as well as flags to gain attention of drivers. The Streets Committee should look into this issue further.



Public Works Department Report


Nick Ruhland informed the board that the Cedar Street project is going slow. There are ground water issues. Iverson Construction has the trench three times as wide as what is typical. The sewer is completed from the park to Park Avenue. The manhole in the park is leaking water.


The work on pool will begin in mid-September. The pool will be painted after the drain work is completed.


There has been a complaint about the residence located at 855 Wachter Avenue. The neighbors have been mowing the lawn. The owners have abandoned the house. The neighbors have requested that the Village take over mowing the yard. The cost of the service can be put on the tax roll. Nick would hire someone to mow it. Meise motioned for Nick to hire someone to mow the lawn at 855 Wachter Avenue. Jewell seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


Public Works are looking into liners for two storm sewers on Highway 23. It is a lot bigger project than originally anticipated. Neither Public Works nor Mark Alt is able to do the job because of specific equipment needed. A small contractor will have to do it. Sauk County would do the work, but could be more costly. Nick will look for a contractor. A permit has already been obtained. Meise is familiar with a guy that does that type of work.



Committee Reports


Buchanan arrived during Committee Reports.



Building & Swimming Pool – Buchanan


No Pool Committee report.


The Building Committee has been in discussions with Dennis Alt about building a deck. He is in need of a variance. Building permits have been issued for a fence and a garage.


Meise questioned Buchanan regarding if there has been any progress with properties that have not mowed their lawn. The property owner should be fined if they disregard the warning letter. Buchanan has not sent letters out.



Police & Cable TV – Meise


No Police Committee report.


No Cable TV report.



Golf & Parks – Neuheisel


The Golf Course Committee will be meeting on September 8th.


The pavilion shingles are looked into being replaced. It is estimated that the shingles alone would cost $18,000. The roof is not leaking. The asphalt is starting to fall off. They have not curled yet. There was no money put in the budget for it. It will be attempted to get a couple of more years out of them.


The Parks Committee is working with Nicole Ring, this year’s Rec Director, to see how Rec Program can be better organized next year.


The Parks, Pool and Finance Committees met to discuss the Park Master Plan. It was discussed to do just engineering so it is ready for when there is money to do it. It would cost $40,800 to design the whole park, not including the pool. The Finance Committee discussed this a little further. Riek is still struggling with $40,000 coming out of the budget. Liegel pointed out that the Village has to spend money for the work on the pool, the estimate for LEEDs project keep climbing, now the pavilion roof needs attention, the wall will need funds once that matter is finalized. The Village really needs to see where the LEEDs project is heading. The money is not in budget, it would have to take out of an existing fund. This is something that doesn’t have to be done right now. Buchanan motioned that nothing be done at the park until the design is completed by the engineer. Liegel seconded and the motion carried unanimously.



Finance & Library Liaison – Riek


The Finance Committee has fine-turned and completed the budget until one last review in November.


The Library summer programs are going well. Maureen is very pleased with June 2009 circulation being over 12% more than June 2008. It was a record month.



Water & Sewer - Liegel


Water Pumpage for July:


Well No. 1:      653,000

            Well No. 2:   2,368,000


Total for July: 3,020,000 gallons, which was 440,000 gallons less than last year.


Two bacteria samples and two well samples were sent to the State Lab. All samples tested safe.


            Monthly fluoride average: 1.05 p.p.m.


Wastewater Report for July:


            Influent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    127 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average B.O.D.:    8          Limit: 15 mg/l


            Influent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      188 mg/l

            Effluent Monthly Average T.S.S.:      11        Limit: 20 mg/l


Monthly Average Nitrogen Ammonia: .319 mg/l      

Limit: 20.0 mg/l Monthly

                        29.0 mg/l Daily


            Total gallons treated: 2,595,300


The Utility budgets are prepared.



Streets & Ordinance – Jewell


The Streets Committee budget is complete. The Committee met at Parkview Avenue prior to the board meeting. That street will be broken up by spring. Reconstruction of the street may affect the Park Master Plan. That will need to be looked into. The 5-year plan is being reprioritized. Jewell stated that it may be more beneficial to package the small streets to get more for the money. They may borrow to get it done right. With the LEEDs project, the Village will be close to the borrowing limit. Water & sewer has to be looked at with each project and their funds are limited as well.


Alliant Energy has not been thorough about replacing power poles in the Village. A letter needs to be sent to them. There are issues with leaving dirt behind and old poles because other utilities aren’t contacted to transfer their equipment.


There is an issue with a car leaking oil onto Nachreiner Avenue and deteriorating the blacktop. They are parking elsewhere, but it is still an issue.


The Ordinance Committee needs to meet soon to address sewer, sidewalks, solar power, semi parking and winter parking



Development & Planning – Ellenbolt


The Village was awarded the Stewardship Grant for wetland purchase.


Jim Mann put together figures for the EDA grant for the LEEDs project. Liegel stated that it is not as bad as it appears to be. The board needs more time to review the numbers.



Other Business


The board discussed the non-resident sewer customers who neglected to respond by July 31st with their intentions of annexing or disconnecting. All four non residents received letters, as well as the Hess children, warning them of the December 11, 2009 disconnection date. Ederer Dairy Supply is drilling a well.


The Well house is complete. Nick was directed to talk to Jason regarding LaMasney’s late completion date. Their payment was tabled.


Liegel motioned to adopt of Resolution 2009-05, a final resolution to exercise special assessment powers under Wisconsin Statute 66.073 for the removal and replacement of curb and gutter on Cedar Street. This was seconded by Jewell and carried unanimously.


The board tabled the discussion regarding the use of solar panels in the Village. Meise will talk to the Ordinance Committee first.


The board then addressed signing a five year contract with Peterson Sanitation. A bid from Mike’s Disposal was also obtained. Mike’s Disposal was a little cheaper in subsequent years, but then leaves a large loop-hole with 20% increase with tipping fees and fuel surcharges. Mike’s Disposal also limits bags per home. Nick stated that Peterson Sanitation serves the Village well. They will make special trips to the Village when needed. President Ellenbolt will talk to Wayne Jarrett from Peterson Sanitation to see if he will come down in price. The issue was tabled.


The board next addressed setting back the completion date for Iverson Construction. Their contract date to finish by is August 31, 2009. The Village asked them to hold off a week when they were set to start a week late because of the 3-day Celebration. Considering all the extra water they are dealing with, it was a good thing they didn’t start the Monday before the 3-day. Plus a different type of pipe and gaskets were needed. They were set back another week to receive the parts needed. Josh Straka suggested giving them until September 11th. Jewell motioned to extend Iverson Construction’s completion date for the Cedar Street Project to Friday, September 11, 2009. This was seconded by Meise and carried unanimously.






The Village was on the Highway Departments agenda for the wall controversy.



Review and Audit of Invoices:


Liegel motioned to pay Voucher #11329 payable to L.W. Allen, Inc. in the amount of $871.06 and Voucher #11342 payable to Prairie Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in the amount of $73.00 from the Sewer Parts Replacement Fund.  This was seconded by Meise, and then carried unanimously.

A motion to pay the monthly invoices as presented was made by Buchanan. Jewell seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.



General Fund 



Water Utility



Library Fund      



Sewer Department






Golf Course








Wage Reimbursements:






Meise motioned to adjourn at 9:17 p.m.  This was seconded by Buchanan, and the motion carried unanimously.





Sheila Tafs