Minutes: Special Mtg July 16, 2008

Village of Plain

Special Village Board Meeting of July 16, 2008 


A special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Plain was held at the Municipal Building on July 16, 2008.  The following members were present: Raymond Ellenbolt, President; David Buchanan; Kevin Kraemer; James Liegel; Duane Meise; Robert Neuheisel; and, Merry Lynn Riek, Trustees.


Others present: Erik Henningsgard and Jason Jackson of General Engineering; Mary Francis Nachreiner; Mary Jayne Liegel; James Geishirt; Eugene Hausner; Wayne Bindl; and, Nick Ruhland, Public Works Director.


Notice of this meeting, along with the agenda, was posted at the following locations in the Village of Plain: the Municipal Building; the Plain Post Office; and, The Peoples Community Bank on Monday, July 14, 2008. Notice was emailed to the Home News.


The meeting was called to order by President Ellenbolt at 7:00 p.m.


Erik Henningsgard and Jason Jackson of General Engineering addressed the board regarding revised plans of the Well House #1 building. The plans include centering the building with a five foot gap on each side of the building with the depth of the building increasing by two feet. The square footage change is very minimal. These are not the plans that were bid so change orders would be needed. Specifics regarding the construction of the building were discussed in detail.


The bid opening numbers were discussed next. The low bidder came in at $435,420. This is roughly $150,000 over what General Engineering had originally estimated. Buchanan questioned if the engineering fees will be adjusted accordingly with the redesign of the building caused from not surveying the building site prior to drawing up the original plans. Henningsgard confirmed that General Engineering President Jerry Foellmi approved offering gratis engineering fees for this project after the elevated costs for engineering during last year’s TIF project. Engineering for plan redesigns will certainly not be charged to the Village.


This initial estimation was approved by the PSC during the water rate case. Borrowing more than requested during the rate case could present a problem. Buchanan motioned to reject all bids. This was seconded by Meise and carried unanimously. The Utilities Committee will meet to get a better understanding of the numbers and discuss modification strategies.


The well needs to get back into operation since the project is going to be delayed. The only thing that will be done twice is pulling the motor.


A1 Excavating still has not returned to finish the Park Avenue and Willow Street project. They have not done their 29-point check list or the final layer of blacktop. The board agreed that it is time to get the bonding company involved and declare them in default. Henningsgard was directed to begin the contractual default procedure.


Parking the squad car at the Wastewater Treatment Plant was discussed. It would be parked behind the locked fence for security. Whenever the squad car would be working the officer’s personal car would be parked at the WWTP. When there isn’t an officer on duty, the car could be parked around town to do some patrolling on its own.  President Ellenbolt motioned to park the squad car at the WWTP when no officer is on duty. This was seconded by Kraemer and carried unanimously.



Other Business


John Noble of Mega Concrete Construction was contacted regarding the sod dropping in the terrace on Oak Street. Noble said this is not their problem because it’s caused by all the rain. Nick Ruhland informed him that it’s not from all the rain, it is from not compacting properly. Noble still feels he does not need to fix the problem. Mark Alt will be called to fix the problem and Mega Concrete Construction will be sent a bill for the work.


Josh Straka of Strand Associates will be dropping off the final Park Master Plan document next week. He will also be providing a color aerial display. The budget on the project is close to being met. The board agreed that laying it out in the park is not necessary and it’s best if we stay within the budget.


Jerry Schluter and Duane Kraemer are having an issue with a new ditch line between the properties that is causing run off to not flow over the sidewalk. It puddles on Duane Kraemer’s property, washing out gravel from his landscaping. They proposed cutting a slot in the sidewalk and placing a steel plate over it to direct water to the street. The board agreed that the creator of the problem should fix the problem, but also agreed that this is a civil concern and not a Village matter. A letter will be issued to Schluter with a copy sent to Kraemer.


Buchanan suggested writing a two page procedure regarding how emergencies should be handled and equipment needs.


Buchanan questioned Nick Ruhland regarding the street light at the end of his driveway. Service Electric has been contracted regarding Marie Liegel’s street light. It could be on the same circuit.


The American Legion parking lot was measured again. The area is 375 square yards making their amount roughly $5,283.19. Gasser’s bid was read incorrectly and is actually $21,280.00 for the total project, which is still low bid.  Riek motioned to give the American Legion loan terms of five years and 3.25%. This was seconded by Neuheisel and carried unanimously.  


Kraemer motioned to adjourn to closed session at 8:44 p.m. This was seconded by Riek, and the motion carried unanimously.





Sheila Tafs