Village Board Meeting

DATE:  Wednesday, May 10, 2023               LOCATION: Plain Municipal Office Board Room

TIME:   7:00 p.m.                                                                  510 Main Street, Plain, WI


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Moment of Silence
  4. Review and approval of Minutes of the April 12, 2023 Regular Board Meeting.
  5. Review and approval of Minutes of the May 2, 2023 Special Board Meeting.
  6. Comments from members of the public who have not been scheduled to address the Board.
  7. Discussion and action regarding the Village President's recommendations for committee/commission assignments.
  8. Reports from the following Committees:

¤ Streets

¤ Ordinance

¤ Finance

¤ RV Court

¤ Utilities

¤ Parks

¤ Golf Course

¤ Police

¤ Pool

¤ Fire Board

¤ Library

¤ Development & Planning

  1. Report from the Police Department
  2. Report from the Public Works Department
  3. Report from the Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer
  4. Discussion and possible action regarding the approval of a temporary liquor license for St. Luke’s Catholic Congregation for the St. Luke’s Parish Festival event on June 11, 2023.
  5. Review and approve: Temporary Class B Retailer's license for malt beverages and an Extended hours permit for Friday, July 28th and Saturday July 29th for the Plain Fire & EMS Celebration.
  6. Discussion and possible action regarding the adoption of Resolution #2023-04: a Resolution authorizing to Commit Match Funds & Certification of Match Funds Secured for the Community Development Block Grant.
  7. Correspondence
  8. Review and Audit of the Invoices
  9. Adjournment



Raymond Ring,

Village President