Agenda: June 13, 2007

Village of Plain

1015 Cedar Street, Plain, WI  53577

Telephone (608) 546-2047


Regular Village Board Meeting

June 13, 2007

First Floor Board Meeting Room

7:30 p.m.





Review and approval of Minutes of May 9, 2007 Regular Board Meeting, 2007 Board of Review and the May 16, 2007 Special Meeting.


Comments from members of the public who have not been scheduled to address the Board.


Discussion and Action regarding Resolution #2007-08 “Authorizing the Sale of Not to Exceed $585,000 General Obligation Community Development Bonds.”


Janeen Anderson would like to address the board regarding a family pool pass incorporating her day care children. 


Ed Liegel would like to address the board regarding a Class B license for Home Talent ball games.


Executive Director Karna Hanna will present the Sauk County Development Corporation annual report.


Reports from Public Works and Police Departments.


Committee Reports


Discussion regarding undeveloped lots.


Discussion and action regarding Westbrook Engineering to stake the section lines on Main Street.


Consideration and adoption of Resolution #2007-07, concerning the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report.


Review and adoption of Resolution 2007-09, a final resolution to exercise special assessment powers under Wisconsin Statute 66.073 for the removal and replacement of curb and gutter and installation of initial sidewalk on the Oak Street and Reservoir Avenue.


Review and approve contract for propane delivery for the period July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.


Review and approve applications for Operator’s licenses in the Village for the period July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.


Review and approve: a Temporary Class B Retailer's license; temporary operator's licenses; fireworks display permit; and, an extended hours permit for the Plain Fire Protection District/E.M.S. Three-Day Celebration.


Discussion and action regarding the adoption of a records request fee schedule.


Appoint a Village representative to a three-year term on the Plain Fire Protection District board.


Review of Correspondence


Review and Audit of Invoices





Raymond Ellenbolt

Village President