Agenda: November 14, 2012





DATE:  Wednesday, November 14, 2012     LOCATION: Municipal Building, First Floor Board Meeting Room

TIME:   7:30 p.m.                                                                  1015 Cedar Street, Plain, WI 

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. Moment of Silence
  3. Review and approval of Minutes of the October 10, 2012 Regular Board Meeting.
  4. Comments from members of the public who have not been scheduled to      address the Board.
  5. Report from the Police Department.
  6. Report from the Green TTEC Director.
  7. Report from the Public Works Department.
  8. Reports from the following Committees:

¤ Building
  ¤ Fire Board

¤ Green TTEC
  ¤ Parks


¤ Cable TV
  ¤ Library
  ¤ Police

¤ RV Court
  ¤ Streets
  ¤ Utilities
  ¤ Finance

¤ Ordinance

¤ Pool

¤ Golf Course
  ¤ Development & Planning

  1. Discussion and action regarding MATC proposal for Green TTEC/HCBP Management.
  2. Discussion and action regarding Library facilities repair and improvements arrangement.
  3. Discussion and possible action regarding the future of the Plain Rec Program.
  4. Discussion and possible action regarding the Public Works Summer Helper position.
  5. Discussion and first reading of Ordinance 183-12; to increase sewer rates for 2013.
  6. Discussion and action regarding Johnson & Block quote for 2013.
  7. Discussion and possible action regarding placing the following special assessments on the 2012 tax roll:
  • Parcel # 171-0168-00000 curb/gutter in the amount of $278.80
  • Parcel # 171-0072-00000 water/sewer in the amount of $2,111.92    

     16.  Correspondence.  
     17.  Review and Audit of Invoices.
     18.  Motion by roll call vote to adjourn to Closed Session.
     19.  Closed Session per Wis. Statute 19.85(1)(c) Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercise responsibility.
     20.  Review and approval of Minutes from Closed Sessions dated September 5, 2012.
     21. Discussion and possible action regarding Village employees 2013 wages.
     22. Adjournment.

Raymond Ring
Village President