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Green TTEC
Green TTEC
Green Technology Training & Enterprise Center
"Green TTEC"
1110 Leed Parkway, Plain, WI 53577  (608) 546-2047

To use the Green TTEC facility:

Click on the
"Green TTEC Building Use Regulations"
link below for more information.

~ Contact Sheila Carver at to book a reservation.


Fee Schedule

Residents: $50 per day

Non-Residents: $100 per day

Long term use will require lease agreement negotiation

Refundable Deposit (if required):    $250.00

All social events require a $250.00 deposit. Deposit may be refunded if the room is returned in the same condition as it was prior to being rented.

Lease agreement options are available upon the approval of the GTTEC Board. Tenant shall submit proposed lease agreement(s) to the Chair of the GTTEC Board.


Insurance Certificate Requirements 

Insurance Certificate is required. Use of the facility will require occupants to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing coverage of a $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability policy naming the Village of Plain as an additional insured. If alcoholic beverages are present, it must be noted on the Insurance Certificate.  This certificate is due no less than five (5) business days prior to event. 




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